The source code is available at

Please fork and issue pull requests. Generally any changes, bug fixes, or new features should be accompanied by corresponding tests in our test suite.


The test suite is located in tests/ and can be run several ways.

It is recommended to run the full tox suite so that all supported Python versions are tested and the documentation is built and tested. We provide a Makefile to create a virtualenv, install tox, and run tox:

$ make tests
  py27: commands succeeded
  py26: commands succeeded
  docs: commands succeeded
  congratulations :)

To run the test suite with a specific python interpreter:

python test

To documentation is built by tox, but you can manually build via:

$ make docs
Doctest summary
   23 tests
    0 failures in tests
    0 failures in setup code


python-hl7 has converted to use black <> to enforce a coding style. To automatically format using black and isort:

$ make format

It is also recommended to run the flake8 checks for PEP8 and PyFlake violations. Commits should be free of warnings:

$ make lint